New Videos on Sale

The videos from the August 3rd, 2013 Boulder Running Clinics are now on sale. Here is what people are saying about the clinic:

“The Boulder Running Clinics presentations will serve as an ultimate runner’s guide for me during my 10k and half marathon preparation this year and hopefully more (marathon) next year! This information isn’t just for coaches….the presentations have been very eye opening. Especially being backed by significant data from Dr. Messer and Dr. Hansen concerning topics such as: healthy progressive training stimuli, hill training, macronutrients and synthesis, concurrent training, ancillary work, and identifying cause of injury with recovery methods. I greatly look forward to applying these gems from the Boulder Running Clinics to my training this year. Thank you!”

“The Boulder Running Clinic videos are a valuable resource for all athletes to elevate their training. I took tips from each of the videos that I can immediately apply to my training in races from the 5k to the marathon. The print materials, which include the presentation slides as well as a variety of athlete training logs and other information, will be a great reference to have and review in the future.”

We are offering a special opportunity to interact with Dr. Messer, Dr. Hansen and Jay Johnson via an online Q&A, and then a video chat. While we can not guarantee that your question will be answered, this is a great chance to interact with the clinicians. You get this as well as all of the videos, audio and slides from the clinic. This package is $77. We will start the online Q and A process tomorrow so sign up today if you’re interested in this unique opportunity.

$47 gets you over seven hours of video, as well as the audio files, and each speaker’s slides. A great value for over seven hours of video.

For $27 you get the audio files and the slides.


We look forward to our 2014 summer clinic schedule, with the marathon clinic on June 21st, and the two high school clinics on July 19th and 26th. These will be great opportunities to learn from unique, passionate coaches and athletes.


August 3rd, 2013 High School Clinic

The inaugural Boulder Running Clinics will be held on the University of Colorado campus on Saturday, August 3rd, 2013.  Dr. Jeff Messer, Dr. Richard Hansen and Jay Johnson will each speak twice.

Dr. Messer will present “Alberto Salazar’s Method: My Humble Attempt to Apply that Method to High School Cross-Country/Track and Field” and “Endurance Training: Current Science and Application to Training Program Design.”

Dr. Hansen will present “The Science of Training the Core with Practical Applications for Distance Runners” and “Endurance Training with an Injury Prevention Mindset.”

Jay Johnson will present “Is Periodization Dead?  Metabolic Considerations and Neuromuscular Considerations and Peaking” and “Planing a Session, a Microcycle, a Mesocycle and a Macrocycle.”

Every participant that signs up before July 15th will receive a free pair of Nike training shoes.  All participants will be given hard copies of all slides and will be sent, via email, a .PDF version of all slides.  The clinic will be recored in HD: once the video is edited, all attendees will be sent a special code to download the content.  Lunch will be provided and there will be door prizes!

We will have an informal social in the evening following the clinic, location and time TBA.






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