2018 Clinic

John O'Malley, Dan Iverson, Joan Hunter, Jonathan Dalby, Doug Soles

Nine presentations and two Q&A. Over 10 hours of content.


John O'Malley, Sandburg Boys  (IL) - Building Powerful Runners and 800m Training

Jonathan Dalby, Mountain Vista Girls and Boys (CO) - Coaching Freshman

Dan Iverson, Naperville North Girls (IL) - Cross Country Training and Borrowing with Integrity

Joan Hunter, Tinman Elite, formerly Loudoun Valley Girls and Boys (VA) - Creating a Culture and Progression of Drew Hunter

Doug Soles, Herriman Boys (UT), formerly Great Oak Girls and Boys (CA) - Cross Country Training and 1,600m Training

2019 Clinic

Paul Vandersteen, Timo Mostert, Dave Frank, Robert Gary

Either presentations and two Q&A. Over nine hours of content.


Timo Mostert, American Fork Boys (UT) - 5 Things that Changed our Program and Training Milers: A Paradigm Shift

Paul Vandersteen, Neuqua Valley Boys (IL) - Building a Successful XC Program and Coaching a National Caliber Athlete: Chris Derrick Profile

Dave Frank, Central Catholic Boys (OR) - Central Catholic Cross Country Training and The Conspiracy of Coaches

Robert Gary, Furman University Women and Men (SC) - Start Small, Think Big and Comparing Training Between 1996 and 2004 Olympic Years

2020 Clinic

Jeff Messer, Phd, John O'Malley, Jessie Magoto, Kim O'Malley, Jay Johnson

Five presentations and three panel discussions. Over nine hours of content.

Girl's Panel - Scott Bliss, Kelly Christensen, Jessie Magoto and Kim O'Malley.

Boy's Panel - Paul Vandersteen, Jonathan Dalby, Jamie Kirkpatrick and John O'Malley.

Final Panel - Jeff Messer plus all coaches on the Girl's and Boy's panel.


Jeff Messer - Endurance Athlete Nutrition: An Evidence-Based Perspective On What We Know, What We Need To Know, And What Can We Apply To Student-Athlete Performance Enhancement

John O'Malley - How To Run 7:54 When Your Best Runner Is 1:59: A Case Season Of Preparing For The 800, Day One To State Finals

Jessie Magoto - Coaching Females To Be Strong, Confident And Consistent Runners

Kim O'Malley - Coaching the Whole Human

Jay Johnson - When I Think of Boulder: Ten Short Stories With Ten Take-Home Messages

2021 Winter Webinar Series

12 webinar recordings, plus training videos from Jeff Boelé, as well as four videos on the topic of burnout.

Dr. Rebecca Breslow - Team USA doctor at 2019 IAAF World Championships

Justin Leonard - Girl's and Boy's Coach, Southlake Carroll (TX)

Renee Williams-Smith - Girl's Coach, Mira Costa (CA)

John O'Malley - Boy's Coach, Sandburg (IL)

Jonathan Dalby - Girl's and Boy's Coach, Mountain Vista (CO)

Mike Smith - Director of Track and Field, West Point

Jessie Magoto - Girl's Coach, Minster (OH)

Alex Lyons - Girl's Coach, Lyons Township (IL)

John Sipple - Boy's Coach, Downers Grove North (IL)

Jeff Boelé - Elevated Performance Coach

Kim O'Malley - Girls On The Run International

Jay Johnson - Author, Consistency Is Key

2022 Clinic

Renee Williams-Smith, John Sipple, Jay Johnson, Jonathan Dalby, Jeff Boelé, Melody Fairchild

Seven presentations and over eight hours of content.


Jonathan Dalby - Middle Distance Running: A Case Study in 1600m and 800m Performance

Renee Williams-Smith - The Importance of Team Culture in Developing High Performance Teams

Melody Fairchild - Ensuring Long Term Development: Supporting Your Athlete's "Why"

Jeff Boelé - The Warm-up: Seeing and Assessing Movement

Jeff Boelé - Ancillary Training: Uses and Types

John Sipple - Downer's Grove North Boys Training

Jay Johnson - Seeing the End at the Beginning

2023 Clinic

Shannon Thompson, Howard Russ, Sean McCafferty, Kelly Christensen, Thor Esbensen

Eight presentations and  six Q&A with over 12 hours of content.


Shannon Thompson: Diamonds - A Story of Athlete Development  

Shannon Thompson: Common Opportunities

Howard Russ: The Power of Synergy

Howard Russ: Beavercreek XC Training System

Sean McCafferty: CBA XC 2022 - Year in Review

Sean McCafferty: NXN Ready - How to Build Athletes with an NXN Mindset

Kelly Christensen: Developing 800/1600 Runners

Thor Esbensen: That Was Amazing! Now What?