2023 Boulder Running Clinics High School Clinic 

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Shannon Thompson - NAU's Sports Psychologist

Sean McCafferty, Boy's Coach, Christian Brothers Academy, NJ

Kelly Christensen - Girl's and Boy's Coach, Niwot, CO

Howard Russ - Girl's Coach, Beavercreek, OH

Thor Esbensen - Girl's and Boy's Coach - Ida B. Wells, OR 

Videos on Sale

Eight Presentations plus Four Q&A

Shannon Thompson: Diamonds - A Story of Athlete Development  

Shannon Thompson: Common Opportunities

Howard Russ: The Power of Synergy

Howard Russ: Beavercreek XC Training System

Kelly Christensen: Developing 800/1600 Runners

Sean McCafferty: CBA XC 2022 - Year in Review

Sean McCafferty: NXN Ready - How to Build Athletes with an NXN Mindset

Thor Esbensen: That Was Amazing! Now What? 

Shannon Thompson


Shannon is a sports psychologist who works with the men's and women's cross country and track teams at Northern Arizona University (NAU). She also works with professional runners in Flagstaff, Arizona. She works with high school athletes as part of the staff at HYPO2, a sport management organization centered around a world-renowned altitude training program and a collaboration of best-in-class high performance sport professionals.

Howard Russ

Girl's Coach, Beavercreek, OH

Howard Russ has coached high school cross country since 1997. His girls have won two state championships in cross country in Ohio and finished in the top five 11 times. In 2019, his team qualified for NXN. 

On the track, he’s had six girls run under 2:15, 14 girls run under 5:15 (four under 5:00), and eight under 11:15 (four under 11 minutes). 

He was named the Ohio Women’s Cross Country Coach of the Year in 2019.

Kelly Christensen

Girl's and Boy's Coach - Niwot, CO

Sean McCafferty

Boy's Coach, Christian Brothers Academy, NJ

Sean McCafferty is an educator at Christian Brothers Academy in New Jersey. He teaches all levels of Latin and coaches cross and track.

He has been the head coach of CBA XC team since 2016.  Sean has coached 3 XC NJ Meet of Champions Titles, 3 NXR titles, and dozens of individual state and meet of champions winners. Prior to CBA, Sean coached at Holmdel High school where his team won many team and state individual titles.